Saturday, December 13, 2008

Huge Times Article on Majora Carter

Majora Carter, a South Bronx environmental activist who has made a big splash in the national green scene, was the subject of a huge profile in the New York Times this weekend.

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This piece is an extremely in-depth look at the contributions Majora has made both locally and nationally. In addition to doing lots of work with The Point Community Development Organization and founding Sustainable South Bronx, Majora has now founded her own for-profit consultancy company, the Majora Carter Group.

The writer, Marguerite Holloway, even addresses the feelings of a small segment of haters in activist circles who feel that Majora takes full credit for projects which she implemented with the help of many others.

Thankfully, Mosholu Preservation Corporation's Dart Westphal comes to the rescue and backs Majora up saying, "Majora is like Paul Bunyan; the stories have become legendary in some cases,” he said. “It is not that Majora has done anything wrong; it is that some other people working aren’t getting so much attention.” [New York Times]

Although Majora comes off as a bit cocky in the piece (at one point being quoted as saying “And it is hard, because I am still so much seen as this ground-breaking visionary who ran community groups. And I am like, that is nice and all, but I am a groundbreaking visionary who has a consultancy...[New York Times]), it's pretty hard to find fault with someone who has worked so hard on behalf of her community.

Plus, in order to get anything of substance done in the world of politics, your ego must undoubtedly match that of the brazen politicians you have to negotiate with.

Keep up the good work Majora...

*Photo courtesy of James Chase/New York Times*


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