Monday, December 8, 2008

Crappy College Blog Calls the BoogieDown "NY's second least appealing borough"

Crappy college blog "College of the Record" has a silly little post up about Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion Jr. being courting by the Obama administration.

Not surprisingly, there are several digs at our beloved borough... Here's some of what had to say:

"Did you know there are five boroughs in New York City?

That’s right; five. Smug Manhattanites love to pretend that the Big Apple begins and ends with their tiny, bourgeois island, but they’re wrong.

If you head northeast, you’ll wind up in the Bronx, a place that Yuppie parents warn their impressionable children never to go to at night lest they never return."

The post finishes with:

"Expect the announcement at some point this week and for NY’s second least appealing borough (sorry Staten Island; any place that requires travel via ferry is a terrible one indeed) to finally get some positive time in the spotlight."

So far, this positive time in the spotlight kinda feels more like a kick the face... but any press is good press I guess? Thank god for Staten Island's Jessica Simpson-esque public image...

By the way, the geniuses over at also refer to the Bronx as "the little borough saddled atop Queens." Er, really?


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