Monday, December 29, 2008

Listing of the Day: Clock Tower Rental

112 Lincoln Ave. at Bruckner Blvd, 2 bedrooms - $1375/month

Ever want to live in an old piano factory in the South Bronx? Well now is your time. This is a two bedroom apartment in the Clock Tower down in Mott Haven.

This is actually a pretty steep discount from back when BoogieDowner first profiled a unit in the Clock Tower. That was back in August during the last gasps of real estate lunacy and a similar unit was pimped to artist types for $1800/month.

It's hard to get much closer to the city in the Bronx and this small area of Mott Haven has a little art scene and some decent eating establishments like Bruckner Bar and Grill, Alexander's, Pio Pio (a little father away), and Santa Clarita (also a 5-10 minute walk away).

So cheap rent, a relatively cool hood, and close proximity to the City combine to make this a pretty decent apartment option.

And for those who take the word of the gray lady as Gospel, there is a passing mention of the Clock Tower on the second page of this Times article about lofts from November.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

A couple of things, first the Bronx is IN the city. The city of NY consists of all five boroughs.
Second, I've looked at apartments in this building. The renovations were hastily and poorly done (your kitchen and bathroom sink are on opposite sides of the wall. One backs up, it comes out the other side. The windows have not been replaced and are very drafty, which is important because the apartments use electric heat. Which you pay for. The nearest train is the 6 which is three long blocks away and requires you to go through a highway underpass and around bad projects. The nearest supermarket is in the same direction but four blocks away. Oh one other thing, a nightclub has opened up across the street. So expect the weekend and evening noise that comes from that.
I grew up in this area and have family who still lives there. So I am fairly familiar with it. It could be a neat living experience but its definitely not for everyone.