Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bronx Nostalgia Mania... But It Will Cost You

Have you always dreamed of being the proud owner of a Bronx Chess Set?  How about a Bronx "Time Machine" Watch?  

Then Back to THE BRONX is the website for you.  Back in THE BRONX is a magazine and website developed by an old-time Bronx couple, Stephen and Susan Samtur (pictured left).  They describe Back in THE BRONX as "...more than rekindling the past. It's also a way of finding lost neighborhood friends and school chums and creating new friendships, a path back home to some wonderful times."  Yes, they used the word "chums."  Ain't they cute?  

The site just came on our radar because the Samtur's recently announced a "virtual drive system" which will allow Bronxites who've moved far and wide to take a "drive" through their old neighbor to see how it's changed, and then browse through old archived photographs of the BoogieDown. Basically, they've simply implemented Google Earth on their site.  

The catch?  The Samtur's didn't develop this website and magazine strictly out of their love for the Bronx... To access anything on the site, you must be a paid subscriber.  A subscription for one year costs almost $25.  The other slightly annoying fact that we'd like to point out is that the Samtur's seem to now live in Elmsford, NY, so I guess they didn't love the Bronx that much, did they?

Also, not sure if the Samtur's realize that with the click of a mouse anyone can download and access Google Earth for free.      


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