Monday, December 22, 2008

FINALLY, a Blanket With Sleeves (aka "a robe")

Please note, this post has nothing to do with the Bronx.  

We were just watching tv and came across a really funny commercial we wanted to share with you.  

It's called the Snuggie, "the blanket with sleeves!"  (Otherwise known as a robe.)  Finally, BoogieDowner will be able to blog the day away without our hands trapped inside a blanket that slips and slides away... 

Best parts to look out for are the couple sitting on the floor in matching Snuggies playing Backgammon, and the kid cheering at the sporting event whose Snuggie doesn't fit... poor little guy can't even clap his hands!

Click here to watch it.  (We had it embedded before, but the damn thing kept starting up everytime we reloaded the page... we didn't want to drive everyone nuts.)


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