Saturday, December 20, 2008

South Bronx Igloo Project

Yes, you read the title of this post properly.  There was an igloo on the rooftop of a South Bronx apartment building... made entirely out of cardboard boxes, household paint, and duct and packing tape. Only in the Bronx kids, only in the Bronx.

A BoogieDowner reader sent us a tip about the two artists, John Mascaro and Leo Morand, who developed the Igloo Project.  They have established a collective, MUT Architecture, working between the South Bronx and Paris.  

For more information (as well as great photos) on Mascaro and Morand's work, click here and here.  

I will let the pictures below speak for themselves.  

All photos courtesy of John Mascaro.


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fyrikaos said...

y very cool and only a few doors down from me ( i can tell from the roof top scenery) too bad it wasn't open to the public, i would have loved to have seen in IRL!

are you going to do it again