Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Public Meeting This Afternoon

There will be a public meeting this afternoon, 12/16, at 4pm at the Bronx Museum of the Arts (1040 Grand Concourse at 165th Street) to discuss the proposed rezoning of 161st Street. The timing seems a little early to us to attract a ton of concerned residents... One would think a public meeting such as this would be held after 5pm so that 9 to 5ers can still make it.

The purpose of the meeting is to solicit comments and input from the community regarding the Department of City Planning's proposal to rezone all or portions of eight blocks in three areas along the 161st Street and River Avenue corridors to provide opportunities for new residential, commercial,and community facility development in the civic heart of the Bronx. In conjunction with the rezoning, DCP proposes to create a new zoning district (C6-3D) to facilitate development along the elevated subway line on River Avenue and to employ the Inclusionary Housing Program to encourage development of affordable housing.

Click here to view DCP's newly launched webpages to learn more about the 161st Street Rezoning Proposal.
*Image courtesy of www.nyc.gov/dcp*

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Anonymous said...

What does this mean? More high rise buildings? How much of this will be affordable housing; how much will be an attempt to "gentrify" the surrounding area with "market rate" housing that many residents of the area cannot afford? I hope people attending the meeting will be very careful about what the city wants to do.