Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's not HUD Secretary But...

Adolfo Carrion Jr. was thought to be a leading candidate to be the Obama administration's HUD Secretary - until he opened his big fat mouth to some stupid Yale students.

Well, Addie didn't get the HUD gig, but he did end up with a spot a at the table of the Obama administration. Carrion will be tapped to head the White House Office of Urban Policy as the new president's director of urban affairs.

Adolfo's term as Bronx beep lasts until Dec 31 of next year. His spot will be filled by a special election. BoogieDowner is sure that in keeping with the grand tradition of Bronx pol tics the ensuing battle for the beep-stakes will be sheer lunacy. Who are the contenders?

*Photo courtesy of Rich Press for NY Post*

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