Thursday, December 18, 2008

Call the Wham-bulance...

Pedro Espada is really crying about his demands not being met in Albany.

Liz Benjamin of the Daily News is reporting that Mr. Espada might be willing to run for a vacant Beep seat (if Adolfo Carrion ends up in an Obama administration spot) if he doesn't get a plum leadership gig by extorting the Democrats in exchange for his vote.

What about his position as state-Senator elect? Well, he could forgo the glory of Albany if he feels unwanted. Here is his most lachrymose of laments:

"Quite frankly, it all depends on how we end this Senate conference issue," Espada said. "...I'm absolutely not ruling it out. If I end up in a position of leadership, then obviously, that's where I'm going to stay...I like the state Legislature. But if I end up being irrelevant and superfluous and unwanted, you tell me what makes sense. What makes sense is to find a way, at my age, I'm 55 years old, to have a meaningful impact."

Boohoo, Pedro.

Espada Won't Rule Out Bronx Boro Prez Run [Liz Benjamin, Daily News]

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