Monday, December 15, 2008

'Tis the Season for Insane Jealousy

Christmas has come early for Riverdale residents, who will now have to move their cars only twice a week (as opposed to four times a week) thanks to the City's decision to amend alternate side parking regulations for the streets in Community Board 8.

New York Times' Sewell Chan had the scoop on today's announcement... click here to read. This isn't a done deal yet, but it's expected to be officially approved in January.

We, being Bedford Park residents, are experiencing an extremely unhealthy and gut-wrenching sense of jealousy at hearing this news. Residents in our neighborhood have to move their cars Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for an hour and a half. I guess the vast difference between the alternate side regulations for Community Board 8 and Community Board 7's streets just means we litter a lot more over here in Bedford Park and need constant trash removal?

Well, here's hoping that jolly old St. Nick will answer BoogieDowner's Christmas wish for an easing of alternate side parking here in the streets of Bedford Park. But it's important to remember it can always be worse... we could live down around the corner from Bruckner Bar & Grill were residents have to move their cars from midnight to 3am Thursday mornings! That shit wouldn't fly in Riverdale...


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Jose L. Rodriguez said...

I wonder what's the rationale/business sense of this rule. I mean, I am not complaining...I live in Riverdale and work from home. I can really use a break on having to move the car during street cleaning hours.