Monday, December 22, 2008

Listing of the Day: Woodlawn for Less Than $80k

Vireo Avenue corner of McLean Avenue, Studio - $79,000

BoogieDowner brings to you a bargain of bargains... a 450 square foot studio in Woodlawn for only $79K. That's only about $177 a square foot. When we hit the ole mortgage abacus, and taking into account the crazy low interest rates of this lunatic economy, your monthly would be $353 before maintenance.

Woodlawn obviously has lots of pub grub and libations. McCLean Avenue (technically in Yonkers) is a great strip of store. restaurants, and bars. Katonah Avenue heading north-south from the cemetery also has lots of bars and an Irish bakery.

You'd also have proximity to Cousin Tommy, which is an amenity without a price tag.

Also, did I mention the lobby of this building has a fountain?

The transportation I think can be a little iffy when you're this far east in the hood. The 4 train is over east and down south near the other edge of the cemetery. You'd be close to the Metro North on this side of the nabe, but that gets a little pricey on an everyday commuting basis. I guess you'd take a bus to the train.


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