Friday, December 12, 2008

Nothing Whatsoever to Do With the Bronx...

We had an angry commenter complaining the other other day how we still talk about Brooklyn, so I feel I should warn our readers that this post has nothing to do with the Bronx, but everything to do with making fun of Park Slope. Feel free to skip it if you please...

(By the way, what can I say about the fact that we do some Brooklyn-trashing here at the BoogieDowner, except that it's just part of our schtick, aight?)

The Village Voice's Michael D. Ayers attended a John Hodgman appearance at the Park Slope Barnes & Noble, and reported the following Park Slope lampooning taking place:

Hodgman was wearing his "lounging suit," a blazer with a tie, which he confessed was the first time he'd done so on his promotional tour. "My child dressed me," he explained, "Because the children run things here." Hodgman segued into a short reading of Park Slope's history--"a quiet village, with leafy streets," where we watch out for our neighbors by "silently judging one another." But, he clarified-the neighborhood is not as elitist as one might think. "Despite what you've heard, you don't need to have gone to an Ivy League school to live here. Many of our members have attended small liberal arts colleges." [Village Voice]

Good stuff.


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