Thursday, September 24, 2009

Listing of the Day: Clock Tower Rent Increase?

112 Lincoln Avenue at Bruckner Boulevard , Loft - $1475/month

So BoogieDowner has profiled this artsy old piano factory down in Mott Haven a few times in the past. The price fluctuation for a rental in this building kind of reminds me of the Bentley. It looks like the rental price has been moving all around. The last time we profiled this back in June of this year it was listed at $1350. Way back in August of '08 a loft here was listed at $1800/month, then in December of the same year we saw one floating around the interweb listed at $1375/month, then it took a brief uptick to $1475/month in March of '09, until gravity grabbed hold and brought it back down to its June 23 price of $1350/month. Now it's starting to float back up.

Maybe the listing agents and landlord read about the Fed's meeting yesterday and figured that the slow macro-level easing of the recession meant that people in Mott Haven had more money for rent? Or maybe they just realized how cool that roof deck is?

Mott Haven does have some cool stuff going on. There a small but growing art scene (who do you think is living in these lofts?). There is some great grub/imbibing around (Bruckner Bar and Grill, Alexander's, Pio Pio, Santa Clarita etc.). And you'll be living in an old piano factory...but really the building itself looks pretty cool. The transportation is nice with the 6 at 138th and 3rd Ave or the 4/5 at 138th and the Concourse.

What's really cool about this listing is that it actually gives a pic of the roof deck. Pretty serious outdoor/common space for a rental...
Are there any Clock Tower residents out there that would like let us know what life is like in an old piano factory? Is it worth the $1475?



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