Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Claremont Resident Fighting New Trees on Block Due to Allergies

Daily News has a piece today describing a Claremont woman's fight against the City's Million Trees program. She claims she really doesn't need any more trees outside of her home because she suffers from allergies and is sick of residents letting their dogs poop on said trees.

Am I the crazy one here to believe that it is ludicrous to fight the City on planting FREE TREES to improve your neighborhood? Two trees outside your home just are not going to have a significant impact on the allergies of one individual.




Anonymous said...

I have to agree this is some crazy stupid sh!t. I mean trees are not a big contributor of allergies in the city compared to some of the other factors. If anything they help make the air cleaner. I do sympathize about the dog poop, most pet owners are uneducated in how to care for and pick up after their pets but there are simple ways of dealing with rogue dog poop. Everyone wants a big guard dog till they have to pick up the poop!
If everyone was substantiated with this type of argument and complaint then we would have little to no trees outside of a park in the cities and how unfortunate for us would that be?

Anonymous said...

"They complain the tree roots will crack their sidewalk - leaving them stuck with paying the repair bill out of their pockets."

that's a pretty good reason, and if she's on a fixed income, then that's a good enough reason to say no thank you.

MargaretBX said...

If the tree cracks the sidewalk, the city will fix it for free. Any homeowner with this problem, call 311.

The Daily News follow-up story makes it pretty clear that she objects to falling leaves, etc.

I hope she knows that it is a pretty serious crime to hurt those trees.