Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reader Tip on Two Possible Eastchester Road Openings

This came into us from BD reader last night:
Hi ErLu,

I'm a regular reader, and I just thought I'd give you the heads-up on two food/drink venues coming to Eastchester Road.

Right next to Coals at Eastchester and Morris Park Ave, a new awning has appeared with the name "Remedies Bar & Lounge". Presumably they'll offer wine and liquor -- providing an alternative to Gleasons bar just up the street. No idea when they'll be opening, but the storefront is still under wraps, so I gather it may be a while.

And near the corner of Eastchester and Williamsbridge, the former location of Pine Too has been unwrapped after pretty extensive renovations. According to Chowhound, Pine Too will reopen at this location (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/621970), but there're no signs or anything to indicate whether this is true. However, it will definitely be a restaurant of some kind: through the back windows you can see the newly installed freezers and pizza ovens.

Nice! Anyone else out there have any interesting goings-on in their hoods they'd like to share?


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