Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Boys from Mosholu Parkway

The Bronx is getting a little recognition in a New York Times City Room article about Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein's roots. Both designers grew up within a few blocks of one another in the Mosholu Parkway area.

Here's an interesting little snippet:
In an online review, Bernadine Morris, the former fashion writer for The New York Times, recalled how as a new reporter at The Times who had gone to Hunter College’s uptown campus — now Lehman College — in the Bronx, she suggested an article about a remarkable coincidence involving rising fashion stars who both grew up in the northern Bronx. The two designers were both rejecting snobbish and elaborate French designs for clean cut lines.

The editors weren’t interested, but she still remembered the headline she suggested: “The Boys from Mosholu Parkway.” [New York Times]

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