Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Listing of the Day: Price Increase in University Heights?

2079 Cedar Avenue, 3 Bedroom, 2 Baths - $425,000

This is one of those houses you see from the Deegan in the 180s, nestled right behind Bronx Community College. I am sure that this house is nice enough (the 20 pics with the listing seem to show a decent place), but who can possibly think that s/he can can raise the asking price after one week in this market?

To be honest the $390K they were asking on August 10th was probably too much for this market, which is still grasping and groaning for a bottom, and this hood, which can be a little rough and tumble. Then on August 18th they upped the asking price to the current $425K - sheer lunacy.

Th BCC campus is pretty nice, and yes Roberto Clemente State Park is an amenity, and yes it's pretty nice to have a Metro North stop close by, and even if one of the rooms did have a "river view" as the listing boasts, I'm not sure why any buyer would pay $35K more than the first publicly advertised price.

I just wanted to bring you a little something different. I usually stalk the listings for deals and, more recently, price chops and amputations, so this thing really caught my eye. It just made me scratch my head...



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