Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Wise Man Speaketh About the New PeaceLove Cafe in Melrose

Here's a hot tip from Eddie, whom we dubbed a wise man about a year ago, about the recently opened PeaceLove Cafe in Melrose. Eddie sounds pretty psyched. I'd be too - who doesn't love live jazz, organic food, WiFi, and caffeinated products?
I'm excited to inform you all that Melrose has gotten it's first Cafe featuring organic coffees, teas, salads, wraps and the likes as well as homemade sweet potato pie!!

Also Live Jazz every Friday and Saturday at 8:00PM.

The cafe also features wifi access as well as a couple of lap tops for your use as well as a printer.

As a resident of the area I am glad that I no longer have to travel for this amenity and can just walk a block to a cafe to just sit down and relax!


ck it out! 617 Melrose Avenue between East 151st Street and East 152nd Streets in the heart of the HUB/3rd ave/149th Street shopping district.

Here are some pics from Eddie...
Eddie might be seeing ErLu one of these Fridays or Saturdays for some jazz, if we can secure some babysitting.



Anonymous said...

I love this place !!!!! The owner is a warm and welcoming person who made us feel very comfotable. The jazz band was smooth and entertaining.The food and drinks are a special treat and the place is clean , clean clean. We are going to make this our Friday night after work spot.Great place to wind down and chill in the Bronx. Check it Out.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this place is the different flavored teas....and like you said the best is the inviting atmosphere!

Coqui Mexicano is another small cafe about a 15 minute walk from the Peace Love Cafe with an inviting atmosphere....not to mention the inviting aromas!

Finally quality social spots in the South Bronx....we used to have to travel to Manhattan for this!

Support our local businesses!

Anonymous said...

Too bad Eddie is not familiar with the correct use of contractions in the English language. "It's" can mean "It IS" or "It HAS", while "Its" (without the apostrophe) is the possessive form of "it".

Eddie should eat a little less, and take an English course! :)

The Mayor of Melrose said...

WOW. The first time EVER that I made that mistake. If you read my blog you will see that my English is impeccable. LOL...a rare mistake!