Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Bentley is Nuts: Part Dos (Or is it Part 7?)

BoogieDowner has diagnosed the Bentley, a newish building in Van Cortlandt Village at 3880 Orloff Avenue, as schizophrenic and more recently as outright nuts. BoogieDowner would just like to double down on its most recent diagnosis by pointing out that the price has changed again...

Here are the listed prices for a two bedroom in the Bentley

$1555/month - December
$1685/month - March
$1575/month -April 21st
$1475/month -(craigslist ad expired - no linkage) April 30th
$1700/month -(craigslist ad expired - no linkage) May 1st
$1595/month - July 6th
and back to $1700/month. July 25th

In addition to the crazy price fluctuation the listings have tried to lure renters in with an ever changing array of enticements: a free month's rent, no fee, $500 off first month's rent, a free month's rent already calculated into the advertised price, and now a choice between no broker's fee or a month's free rent.

This fluctuation is absolute insanity...I will relent on this consistent price stalking because I know it is probably pretty tiresome for the readers, but I am just stultified by the Bentley's moving target of a price point...


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