Friday, September 18, 2009

The Aberration Tracking Society Will Be in the Bronx This Weekend UPDATED

Aberration Tracking from Sara Kinney on Vimeo.

Yes, you should be confused by the title of this post. I certainly wished I hadn't opened the tip about the Aberration Tracking Society before I had my morning coffee... but here goes the explanation:
Late summer aberration activity forecasts another sidewalk aberration appearance this Saturday, September 19th. The Aberration Tracking Society will be onsite in the Bronx (Corner of Joyce Kilmer Park at E. 161st Street and Grand Concourse) from 2-4pm to investigate and discuss theories with the public.
The Aberration Tracking Society, formed in 2009 by a team of amateur researchers, has followed several infrastructure aberrations occurring throughout New York City this summer. It is believed that these aberrations are related to the shifting economic climate and its subsequent effects upon the outlook of the mass population. Kathryne Hall, founder of the Society, says the phenomenon is very likely to intensify in proportion to the public reaction towards an increasingly unclear future. "It would seem that as previous held concepts of social stability buckle in times of stress, so do foundations of the physical world," she explains.
The basic message: our collective emotional state as a city can affect the structure of urban architecture.

So is this performance art or what? The answer to that question, as stated on ATS' website, is as follows: "We're often presented with this theory, but frankly, it just doesn't seem credible."

Go check out the anticipated aberration for yourself tomorrow, 9/19, from 12 to 2pm (not 2 to 4pm as originally posted) at Joyce Kilmer Park at E. 161st Street and the Concourse.

BD tip for maximum enjoyment of aberration appearance: you may want to take a nice, long hit off the ol' bong before heading out. Just a thought...

Big ups to Jon L. for sending this our way!


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