Thursday, September 24, 2009

Planet Fitness: Ellipticals and Explosives

Way back in January I had wondered in a post what the heck was going on in the parking lot of the Planet Fitness near the Riverdale Target (it's actually the Marble Hill Target, but I just called it that to piss off A Parkway Runs Through It)...

There's been major Con Ed construction all around that area, and it turns out the project in the parking lot is an extension of that... Con Ed is burrowing a tunnel back there.

I was on the elliptical rocking out to a little Pitbull (that's right, I'm pretty gangsta for a blanquita) when a hardhat came up to me and said that I'd have to move away from the window for about 5 minutes. Clearly, I took this as a sign that the gods are conspiring against my baby weight loss (I know, I know, Pearl is 1.5 years old, so it's not really baby weight anymore... I just like to eat damnit!).

Anyway, as I was stepping off the machine I politely asked the hardhat why I had to move away from the window. He looked at me and simply stated, "They're going to blow something up."

Ummm yeah. Apparently this fella hasn't heard about the recent NYC terror investigation and arrests, otherwise he surely would have phrased this a bit more tactfully.

Sure enough about 5 minutes later there was a load explosion and the air smelled like whatever they use to blow shit up. I gotta say it all made for a very entertaining workout session.

I really do love Planet Fitness. You have gorgeous views of the Harlem River while you're working out, and at only $10/month you don't feel too guilty if you choose to just stay home and watch DVRed Gossip Girl instead. You just have to put up with the occassional explosion while you're working out.



Deidre said...

sounds like quite the eventful day at the gym!

The Mayor of Melrose said...

OMG...favorite quote:
"that's right...i'm a lil gangsta for a blanquita"


Anonymous said...

Okay, Boog, got your point. It's a sharp one, hard to miss. I don't care what Target wants to call the place; whatever stage of pet peeve I was suffering from has passed. However, before you sell me as someone hating anything east of Broadway, let me say this fourth generation Bronxite doesn't feel that way.

lama said...

Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
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