Wednesday, September 23, 2009

David Byrne Should Move to the Bronx

We read in a recent New York Magazine piece by Hugo Lindgren that David Byrne (lead singer of the Talking Heads, as well as all-around musical genius and renaissance man) may be thinking of moving to Brooklyn. The exact quote is as follows: "Prices have come down to the point where I could afford something nice," he says, "maybe with a little backyard."

Dear David:

That's a terrible idea! You should move to the Bronx. We'd love to have you here. We know you love to bike, and we have that covered with tons of Greenway spaces, as well as trails at Pelham Bay Park and Van Cortlandt Park. We also know that you are a lover of Latin music... In fact, Mr. Lindgren aptly describes you as "one of the finest gringo practitioners of Latin music." We've got plenty of Latin music here in the BoogieDown! Not sure how much true Latin flava you can still find in Brooklyn - me thinks you'll be inundated with Grizzly Bear and such.

Anyway, just wanted to point out that you'd be able to get your coveted backyard, along with oh so much more, for a steal here in the BoogieDown.

With love & affection,
The BoogieDowner

PS: I'd just like to point out that it's extraordinarily absurd that Brooklyn real estate prices ever got so high that an artist as successful as David Byrne wouldn't be comfortable buying something there.

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