Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh Snap...Someone at the Amalgamated Coop is Pissed

An anonymous poster just left this screed on a forgotten post from last October about a tv show taking over Amalgamated's parking. There is even a blog called Amalgamated Shenanigans dedicated to "Uncovering the truth and freely discussing the issues that plague the oldest housing coop in the nation."

All is not well over at Amalgamated:
the Amalagamated residents have bigger problems than a shitty tv show that disrupts their parking situation.

a corrupt board

a thug manager who was unanimously voted out as manager of Seward Park houses because she was keeping illegitimate waiting lists, among other things.

drugs and drug paraphenalia in the halls

a carrying charge increase implemented because said thug manager signed a heating oil contract without attorney review or approval from the State Agency designated to supervise all financial and aparmtment allocation affairs of the Amalgamated

the Amalagmated management office was paid for the use of Vladeck Hall by the production company of Life on Mars therefore they knew well in advance that parking for residents would be an issue.

check out: for more info if you are interested.

Any other Amalgamated residents want to weigh in here?



Lora said...

Yawn, yeah we have problems at Amalgamated, so what else is new?
I do wish we knew the managers salary, NYS regulations that allow this to be a secret should be changed. The name calling is unnecessary. Building 8 was poorly built, it is now about forty years later, and all its problems are becoming apparent.

Anonymous said...

thug (thŭg)
A cutthroat or ruffian; a hoodlum.
also Thug One of a band of professional assassins formerly active in northern India who worshiped Kali and offered their victims to her.

Let's see, Lora.

When a manager signs a multimillion dollar contract without...
1) attorney review (it was a MULIT MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT AFTER ALL)
2) state approval -- as required by NYCRR -- of the STATE AGENCY responsible for monitoring the finances of a tax payer funded housing corporation

and then said manager proceeds to raise carrying charges and air conditioner charges and parking spot rental charges for low to moderate income working families during a recession, citing the rising costs of energy as justification for the increase, only to turn around and give herself a nice raise...does that make her Mother Thereasa.

Yes, Lora. Its time to call the Ace an Ace and a Spade a Spade. The Manager of the AHC has GOT TO GO. If name calling is more important to you than the fact that people have less money for food, less money for medication, less money to put away in college funds for their children because Madame Goldwater does as she damn well pleases without so much as an apology to the community, then perhaps you should stick to the sandbox and slide.

Have you checked the latest minutes. Arrears are almost $200,000. Seems to me like a lot of folks are either refusing to pay the increase or they simply cannot afford the new increase.

Name calling isnt necessary? Thug is a relatively mild term when you seriously take into consideration what those people REALLY are....

Anonymous said...

oh, wait Lora...I get it.

you're a senior citizen.

you're on SCRIE therefore the increase does not affect you. you don't have to pay the increases because you're elderly.

perhaps a severe case of the swine flu will visit the Amalgamated like one of the plagues of Egypt...and a lot more apartments will become empty.


Pedro Espada Jr. is a thug too...but somehow, someway he is STILL in office.

Anonymous said...

not sure if "Lora" is a friend of yours, but, based upon her profile, she is a senior citizen who spends a great deal of her time at the Van Cortlandt Senior Center which is part of the Van Cortlandt Jewish Center which is run by Bob Gillman, a Board member at the Amalgamated Housing Corporation.

Since its not clear if Lora is living it up on a decent pension, or lucky enough to qualify for SCRIE, I think its safe to surmise that "Lora" hasnt been affected by the 11% increase in carrying charges/airconditioner charges/ parking spot charges/storage space charges like the working class people who reside in the co-op.

That cavalier, "let them eat cake" attitude is what pulled our country into financial devastation.

In June, the carrying charge arrears were somewhere in the $200,000 area...which meant a whole lot of people simply could not afford the increase!!!

Building 8 was poorly built because someone pocketed a whole lot of money for cheap materials and cheap labor.

Everything trickles down..including bad behavior...and corruption...thats why "Amalgies" have been running the show for so long.

Thats all going to come to a screeching halt when the AG steps in to investigate the Allocations Office, the Finances and Board and Management of the Amalgamated.

Dont be surprised if some of "Lora"'s neighbors in the Towers are taken out in handcuffs.

You can only get away with so much for so long.

Great site by the way.


Anonymous said...

I have been living in these coops for 1 year this month. I was here for approx 4-5 months and my carrying charge went up about $80. I did not complain about the increase becuase I didnt want to cause any problems. But I just opened mail that has A/C charges and admin charges to my acct. I didn't even use a/c this summer due to the early carry charge increase. How can someone put these charges on my acct with out a phone call. Tomorrow they will here my mouth. They added an addition $890 to my acct. WTF!! That is BS!! THey better take this off my acct. I pay my carring charge every month with no lateness. These people are money hungry hethens!! I am so happy I found this site!!