Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Listing of the Day: Melrose Rental

841 Courtlandt Avenue, 2 Bedrooms - $1450/month

This is a two bedroom in a private house just south of 160th Street. The price is right for a hood that seems to be on the upswing with the new PeaceLove Cafe, a more walkable pedestrian friendly HUB, the Via Verde project in the pipeline, and some good old fashioned infrastructure improvements.

The unit itself isn't stunning; I could do without the weird carpeting (if that's what it even is). But, I am digging the backyard. I wonder if it's just for this unit or shared space with the rest of the building. Probably shared space, but that's a good way to meet the neighbors - community garden in your own backyard.

The transportation would be pretty nice with the B,D, and 4 trains all at 161st and River Ave on the other side of the Concourse. Melrose also has its own Metro North stop, which is only a few blocks from this place.



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