Friday, September 4, 2009

Photo of the Day

Jam Session on the Mosh
We were lucky enough to happen upon some awesome live music last night
while taking shorty out for a walk...These guys weren't messing around -
they were running a line from their car to power their amp.
Photo by ErLu


anthony rivieccio said...

Well well Well...Isnt that wonderful

An illigal concert on Mosholu Parkway.

I guess it goes well with The Illigal BBQing and other "sports & entertainment" activities that happen at Mosholu Parkway....Oh Yes...Its a Parkway.........I got an idea...How about A Drag race................ON THE GRASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Guywithacause said...

Illegal concert? What I see are a few people playing some instruments..and if you don't enjoy it you can walk further down, as the parkway is large enough for everyone to enjoy. if they did this everyday then I would agree it needs to stop..but it doesn't. However should you feel this an "illegal concert" please call 311 and voice our concerns.

The park space/green space is for NYC residents to enjoy and long as they clean up whats wrong with the BBQing exactly? Would you prefer in the middle of the street or the sidewalk? Maybe BBQing should be outlawed in NYC?

I wonder if they were playing bag pipes, or doing a tribute to Frank Sinatra would the above poster be complaining/criticizing. Hmm...

Dana Marie said...

This concert, from what I've witnessed, appears every Sunday afternoon and bears no public nuisance to the community. If you want to witness misuse of public parks, check out both Inwood and Fort Tryon in upper Manhattan. As a former Inwood resident, I attest to horrible conditions certain goers have left those parks after a summer's night of birthday parties, BBQs, and other 'illegal' festivities. I have not [yet] see the same (amount of garbage) at Mosholu Parkway... and I've lived nearby for two straight summers. This is why I love my Bronx's less congested and not as filthy than across town. However, I wish dog owners here would *please* scoop up after their beloved pooches!

Anonymous said...

We walked by and loved it! Just nice to see people out and enjoying their public spaces, giving some pleasure to the people passing by.