Monday, January 12, 2009

Listing of the Day: Long Vacant Fedders for Rent in Bedford Park

2969 Decatur Avenue, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms - $1675/month

So this is a property that BoogieDowner has been stalking for a while now. It's right in our hood on Decatur Avenue between Bedford Park Blvd and 201st Street. We were actually sort of excited (merely observant?) that they had put up a fence a while back (photo is pre-fence). It was once a new Fedders monstrosity for sale, but now, long vacant, it finds itself on the rental market. At least someone will be living there. Occupancy is better than vacancy. Nobody wants to see the Broken Window Theory in action.

The Missus and I have actually been in this unit. We happened to be taking a stroll and saw a a hard up and bored looking realtor holding an open house and decided to drop in. I guess we gave her false hope with the baby bjorn and all; she looked way too happy to see people who had no interest in buying the place. We were checking it out solely for blogging purposes and real estate voyeurism. It's new construction, but not necessarily great construction. There are indeed four bedrooms and two bathrooms and everything is new.

The kitchens have nice deep colored wood and new hardware. Some of the rooms and living space are strangely shaped, but for $418.75 a room/month it's hard to get too picky. There are nice amenities like laundry in the apartment and two parking spaces out front (although I'm not sure who gets them). There is also an overgrown yard in the back (although I'm not sure who mows/chops/machetes it and who gets to use it).

The hood is the real highlight of the pad. Bedford Park has the Botanical Gardens, Mosholu Parkway, Fordham, Lehman, and Arthur Avenue and the Zoo close by. But don't just take my word for it:

New York Times "Living In - Bedford Park"
The Real Deal "Bronx's Bedford Park Hidden in Plain View"
AMNY "Bedford Park, Bronx"

The transportation is all things to all people: the 4 at Jerome and Bedford Park Blvd for East side access, the B/D at the Concourse and Bedford Park Blvd for West side assess, and the Botanical Garden Metro North stop for the subway averse.



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