Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our Fave Real Estate Agent Gets Some Press

The hardest working realtor we know, Jillian Faulls (whom we're pleased to have as a BoogieDowner sponsor), was highlighted in the New York Times' City Section this weekend for the inventive marketing tactics she has employed in order to get the word out about her Park South condominiums here in the BoogieDown.

And get the word out she has... In the most tenuous real estate market that NYC has seen in recent memory, Jillian has successfully sold 8 of Park South's 12 units. Perks such as free car service for buyers who have a letter of preapproval for a mortgage, as well as the developer's willingness to cover closing costs, draw in buyers who have been priced out of other boroughs and are looking for a luxury building at a bargain price.

New York Times' Katie Bindley reports that Jillian's most recent Open House attempt was thwarted by a variety of factors, not the least of which being a snowstorm and NFL playoffs. On the first day she had no visitors, and on the second she had five.

If you're interested in learning more about the remaining units at Park South, click here to check out Jillian's website.

Click here to read Katie Bindley's New York Times piece.


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Bob said...

Boogie Downers----I am a bronx native now living in Manhattan, but because of my affection for the Bronx, I have become a regular visitor to your web site. While I don't want to rain on your parade, I have to state that in winter of 2005, I tutored a young man in an apartment not far from Daly avenue site; it was north of 180 street, near the park. While I do not wish to disparage any of the inhabitants of the neighborhood; I am sure there are some great people and families living in the area, my vision of the surrounding neighborhood (and this is four years ago, remember) was that it was very bleak, without many services or viable commercial establishments. Has this changed? I would be interested to know.
Anyway, I appreciate having your web site which charters the resurgence of the Bronx, so keep up the good work.