Tuesday, January 27, 2009

BoogieDowner Boasting

I'm letting you know right up front that this post is all about ego-stroking and bragging on our part... extremely self-serving actually.

After feeling a little down in the dumps about the lack of response to our 'Save the Bx34 and Bx10 Bus Routes' petition (17 signatures so far), we got the wind right back in our blogging sails after getting a phone call from Bob Kappstatter this Saturday - that's right people, the Silver Fox himself. He was giving us a call to say he's extremely offended that we only refer to the salt and neglect to mention the pepper in his gorgeous locks... Just kidding, just kidding.

Good ol' Kappy was calling to let us know we'd be getting a mention in his column this week. True to his word, he gave us a nice little shout out which you can click here to check out. Thanks Kappy! Keep up the stellar work reporting on our beloved borough.

We were also quite pleasantly surprised to see that New York Magazine took an interest in our recent post on the New York Times and whether or not us free-loading bloggers are killing the Gray Lady by using their content all the time (even though we are not paid subscribers). We ended up in their 'comments' section - click here to check it out.

Now we just need our 1 year old, Pearl, to magically reverse age Benjamin Button-style back to about six months old when Big Bird and Elmo were all she needed and mom was able to get a lot more blogging done...

Thanks for reading Bronxites!


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Anonymous said...

Erin, your postings are so full of personality -- of course NYMag would want to quote you!