Thursday, January 29, 2009

Listing of the Day: Second Hand Luxury

Woodlawn Cemetery, 200 Square Feet -$3,500,000

I think this is the most expensive real estate in the City at $17,500 per square foot. Tribeca doesn't even get that - eat it, DeNiro. Now if you you could just get past the fact that someone else's corpse had been in this before...

This is a used mausoleum in Woodlawn Cemetery that once belonged to tin-magnate William Bateman Leeds. Turns out Billy's New England-based granddaughter did not like the remains of her granddad resting alone and all the way down in the Bronx. Interesting facts: the guy who worked on the Jefferson memorial actually designed this as well. Also interesting: this is a price chop. It was originally listed at $5,000,000 back in 2002. I guess the mausoleum market is pretty slow.

I guess it sufficiently sums up the ghoulish state of the real estate market that we've started profiling actual tombs, huh?

Virtual Tour of the Dreary Digs


*photo courtesy of Fred Conrad/Ny Times**

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