Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bx34/Bx10 Petition Needs Some Love

Come on Bronxites - we know you want to save the Bx34 and Bx10 bus routes. Apparently you're just being a little shy about it though...

Let's get some numbers behind this petition. Click here for some background info on this issue, and then sign away by clicking HERE.


Anonymous said...

I would love for the 34 to be around, but it doesn't seem feasible. At night, by the time the bus gets up to 206th, it is normally empty. I can't speak of what it's like further down, but I rarely see people on it.

Bronxmet said...

On the contrary, I travel on the Bx34 during the day and it is packed. And to my surprise, it is the most packed between Fordham Road and Montefiore Hospital, an area close to the D and 4 trains. However, I believe most people use the Bx34 because of the overcrowded 4 train and the inconsistencies and the bad shape of the D.

In addition, many senior citizens from Woodlawn use the Bx34 to transfer over to the Bx10 to reach the many services in Riverdale.

As for Woodlawn, you may have the Bx31, but it takes you to the 2 train. The 2 train is a very unreliable line with constant lateness, delays, and overcrowding.