Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some Foxy News for the Bronx

We've linked to this good news in our Round'em Up, but of course we'd like to highlight it further (we wouldn't be good Bronx cheerleaders if we didn't, right?):

Daily News' Silver Fox (AKA Bob Kappstatter, shown left) reports that major crimes in the Bronx were down for 2008. Click here to check out the full piece.

One theory the NYPD cites as helping to bring crime numbers down is "victimology," which basically means that in drug-related crimes, the perp isn't the only one who's likely to have a criminal record. The po-po have also been targeting gangs and violent youths in the BoogieDown.

Additionally, Operation Impact has helped bring crime numbers down (particularly in the rough and tumble hood of Morris Heights) by flooding crime-ridden areas of precincts with rookies. Talk about baptism by fire... geez.

Thanks for sharing the good news Kappy!


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