Saturday, January 31, 2009

Get Yer ‘Cue and a Lube!

Mo Gridder’s BBQ – Hunts Point

Only in the Bronx, folks! As much as I travel around the this great borough (in search of anything and everything to dispel the horrible Bronx myths and stereotypes), I must admit to being a tad on the squirmish side at the daunting thought of traveling to the most desolate industrial area of Hunts Point to visit the famous Mo Gridder’s BBQ. While I wouldn’t necessarily want to make the trip at night (Mo’s is only open during the day anyway, so that’s a moot point), my concerns were entirely baseless. The area won’t be winning any prizes in aesthetics or charm, but it felt perfectly safe. And the reward is super cool! I can’t do this place enough justice in a short blog write-up – so check out all these great reviews (NY Times, White Trash BBQ, New York Daily News). Mo’s has got to be one of the most unique dining experiences out there. And hey – if it’s good enough for Guy Fieri and the Food Network, it’s good enough for you! Give ‘em a try!

Getting there: Take the #6 subway to Hunts Point. Either walk (east) the 10 minutes or so or jump on the #6 bus (just make sure to hop off before the bus turns left off of Hunts Point Ave – or you’ll end up in scary no-man’s land like I did.) Bonus: There’s a Citibank across the street to pull cash.

And for those who want a more traditional sit down experience, Mo's just opened a traditional restaurant in Belmont (in the old Roberto's, Belmont and Crescent Aves).

~Simone Davis

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