Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who Knew Porcupines Were So Popular?

We hate to benefit from someone else's tragedy, but thanks to the 'porcupine getting laid-off' video we posted yesterday (courtesy of New York Post), we had our highest readership ever...

So, we'd like to give some big ups to Tim Murphy over at New York Magazine's 'Daily Intel' for setting us up with some bad-ass linkage.

We hope everyone remembered to click through to fill out the petition that accompanied the video to urge legislators not to cut funding to NY's Living Museums...

So what was our all-time high readership number yesterday?

I'll never tell.
Gossip Girl, er, ErLu

(Sorry, still reeling from last night's latest twist in the oft-misunderstood world of Chuck Bass...)

(Wait, I mean, uh, I don't watch Gossip Girl! I'm 28 years old, not 16. Come on, as if.)

(Jenny's trendy hair-do is really bugging the shit out of me.)

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