Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heather Mills Back in the Bronx

Pictured from left:
John V. Lindsay Wildcat Academy Charter School students, Heather Mills and
Maryann Hedaa, managing director of HPAC.

I really hate to say this, but am I going to have to start LIKING Heather Mills?

The ex-Mrs. McCartney was back in the BoogieDown recently hosting a 'healthy cooking day' for students of the John V. Lindsay Wildcat Academy Charter School. The event, which took place two weeks ago at The BankNote Building, was another step in Heather's commitment to bring $1 million dollars worth of vegan food to the Hunts Point Alliance for Children (HPAC).

Heather's quote in the release about the event is as follows: “As a mother I see firsthand the benefits of healthy eating, and I’m thrilled the families of Hunts Point are embracing these delicious vegan foods that I’ve loved for so many years,” Heather said. “Working with these children here is truly rewarding, and a lot of fun.”

Can't argue with that... Kids from every socio-economic background should have access to healthy foods. Thanks for your commitment to the kids of the BoogieDown Heather!

PS: BoogieDowner likes your new haircut.


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