Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sopher Realty Schools Riverdale Press

A curious situation seems to have unfolded between Sopher Realty and Riverdale Press...

In the January 22nd edition of the Riverdale Press, N. Clark Judd reports that Sopher Realty (one of the big names in Riverdale real estate) was giving up on advertising their residential properties in order to focus on their more profitable commercial real estate dealings. The article states that Marilyn Sopher "acknowledges that the decision to cut advertising could eventually end the residential side of her business..."

However, in this week's January 29th edition, a correction letter from Vivian J. Oleen (a broker from Sopher's residential office) states that their "residential division is very definitely in business; we have deals in progress; we are functioning as always."

Seems like there was a major miscommunication somewhere along the line here. Just wanted to share this interesting little back and forth for real estate observers in the BoogieDown... Although I'm quite sure that we're the only dorks who found this little bit of intrigue to be of any interest.



Anonymous said...

Ever since the new owners took over the Press, I've noticed a serious downturn in their editorial skills. Numerous typos, grammatical errors and worse of all pretty serious factual errors. Get with it Riverdale Press!

Vivian Oleen said...

Yes, it is true that Sopher no longer takes out the full-page ad in The Press but that does not mean a) that we are out of business; b) that we no longer advertise in other places; and c) that we do not, from time to time, place ads in The Press' classified ad section. Judging by the feedback from customers, clients and potential clients, The Press' misstatement has cost us business because people believe what they read and no amount of corrections or letters to the editor in subsequent editions of the paper convinces them otherwise. They have to hear it directly from me, or from one of the Sophers--we are in business! (For example, as I write this, I am working with attorneys to set up a closing on one of my listings.) We are advertising! We have many active customers and clients! How many have we lost due to The Press' blunder? It's hard to tell. But if the author of the story had shown it to us prior to publication then this entire mess could have been averted. Furthermore, if the market returns to normal, and we do our normal volume of business, then we will perhaps reconsider our decision regarding Press advertising. I do notice that some other agencies have reduced their ad sizes, or have stopped advertising on a continuing basis, or have left The Press entirely. To single us and our situation out without mentioning the others was just plain unfair. Vivian Oleen, Associate Broker, Sopher Realty