Thursday, January 29, 2009

We're Moving to Queens

Psych!! The BoogieDown can't get rid of us that easily...

But now that we have your attention we'd like to highlight a super scientific report released by the Citizens Committee for New York City that says that the Bronx is supposedly a miserable borough. When asked in a poll if they are happy with the state of things in their hoods, a quarter of Bronxites revealed that they are 'not at all satisfied.'

The residents of the borough of Queens are apparently all hooked on uppers - more than a half of them said they are 'very satisfied' with where they live and one third of them even consider their neighbors to be 'friends.' Whatever Queens, keep talking your happy talk and you might just be ex-communicated from New York City. Everyone knows New Yorkers are inherently unhappy people.

Seriously though, while were on the topic of Bronxites being underwhelmed by the state of their neighborhoods... Why not get involved and do something about it? The deadline to apply to join your local community board is February 2nd. Click here for more info and the link to the application. BoogieDowner has sent their application in... Have you?


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Anonymous said...

Well I am happy here in the Bronx. And here I will stay.