Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Listing of the Day: Rooftop Solarium?

Burke Avenue near White Plains Road, 1 bedroom - $1100/month

This is one of the strangest listings BoogieDowner has come across in a little bit. It doesn't quite beat the worst listing ever, but it's up there.

First, let's point out that one bedrooms in Allerton usually don't grab rents north of $1000/month. Second, there is an "optional rooftop solarium?" Hmmm....how does one make a solarium optional? Isn't a solarium either a permanent part of the structure or not? Has "solarium" become a euphemism for "hole in the ceiling?"

For the record, a solarium is best defined as "a glass-enclosed room, porch, or the like, exposed to the sun's rays, as at a seaside hotel or for convalescents in a hospital."

From the looks of these pics, methinks there aint no place for convalescents to bask in the healing rays of the sun on the premises. Does it look like this place has one of these?

If you did want to check out this dubious solarium you could just take the 2 or 5 to the Burke Avenue stop.

*photo of solarium courtesy of http://sun-room-rooms.com/images/ssr06.jpg*

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