Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Help Save the Bx34 and Bx10 Buses!

Last week I was discussing some community issues with a couple of the women who live in my building in Bedford Park. Among their chief concerns were the potential elimination of the Bx34 bus route (which connects Fordham Road/Bedford Park to Woodlawn, and also serves as a main route of transport to Montefiore Medical Center), as well as the possible nighttime suspension of the Bx10 bus (which connects Riverdale to Bedford Park) due to MTA cutbacks.

These bus routes are of supreme importance to many Bronx residents. I don't care what the MTA's ridership numbers show... There are many elderly people in my building alone who depend on these buses because subways with many stairs are just not an option for them.

To read more out this important issue, click here to check out the Norwood News' coverage, and here to read a New York Post article by's Daniel Beekman.

So, please join together with BoogieDowner and the Bedford Mosholu Community Association to urge Council Member Oliver Koppell to continue fighting to save these bus routes on behalf of the many Bronxites who depend on them each day by signing the below petition.

Please note, you can check "anonymous" if you'd like your name to be kept confidential from the public. Also, you are asked to provide your home address for verification purposes, but only your City and State will be made public.

Click here to view and sign petition.

In addition to signing this petition, Bronxites are encouraged to attend an MTA public hearing on Wednesday, February 4th, at 6:30pm at Lehman College to express concerns related to possible mass transit cuts.

Here's a copy of the letter we'll be sending along to Council Member Koppell:

We, the undersigned, object to the proposed elimination of the Bx34 bus which runs from Woodlawn to Fordham Road and serves as a major route of access for Montefiore Hospital. Additionally, we object the proposed elimination of nighttime service of the Bx10 which connects Norwood to Riverdale.

Our objections to these planned Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) service cuts are based on the grounds that if these transportation services were indeed eliminated, there would in turn be detrimental effects on the residents of the Northwest Bronx communities of Fordham, Bedford Park, Norwood, and Riverdale.

Council Member Koppel, we implore you to continue to fight on behalf of the residents of the Northwest Bronx against the planned MTA service cuts which would affect both the Bx34 and Bx10 routes.

Thank you for your steadfast dedication to improving the lives of the Bronx residents you serve.

Please forward this post around to friends, neighbors and relatives so that we can reach our goal of 500 signatures!


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