Monday, January 19, 2009

Simone Found a Thai Spot

Photo courtesy of Simone Davis ~ The Bronx Rocks

BoogieDowner's favorite cuisine to eat out (especially with a kid) has to be Thai food. It's usually relatively cheap and Thai restaurants are usually pretty casual with speedy service.

Simone Davis, over at The Bronx Rocks, has apparently found a solid Thai restaurant over in Pelham Bay called Honey's Thai Pavilion. Click here to check out some photos and get Simone's take on the place.

We'll definitely be checking it out. When we've wanted Thai in the past, we've always headed to Tum Raa up in Woodlawn (629 McLean Avenue). Their food is good, but the space is teeny tiny and not great for kids.

Thanks Simone!

Anyone else know of any other Thai spots in the BoogieDown?


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Anonymous said...

I eat at Honey's frequently. The food has gotten much better over the course of the past few months since it opened (I think they solidified their cook staff), though I wouldn't say it was the best Thai I've ever had. The prices keep going up, and the serving sizes keep getting smaller, also. For instance, an order of Pad Se Ew chicken at dinner is much less than what you would get at a chinese or spanish restaurant for a plate of food, but the price is $3-$4 more.

However, it's such a relief to finally have a Thai restaurant on the East side of the Bronx that I've pretty much resigned myself to ignoring the issues. LOL Except that I don't eat there as frequently as I would otherwise because I think they're really too expensive.