Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bronxites Want NY Times 'Living In' Do-Over

This weekend we linked to the New York Times' 'Living In' piece, which featured the Castle Hill neighborhood of the BoogieDown.

The article painted a nice picture of Castle Hill, but seems to have left some Bronx residents eager for more positive coverage of their neighborhoods...

Here are some of the comments that readers have left of the New York Times' website:

NYT Living In editor owes Norwood a do-over. You neglected half of Norwood in your slide show, that you can walk to all three subway lines, Metro North, historic Woodlawn cemetery, the Moshulu Golf Course, NYBG, Lehman College, and Bronx HS Science. Bedford Park got a better review than Norwood.

$1,200 for a 1-br rental in Castle Hill? Good for Castle Hill!

Now, a do-over for Norwood!

— Karen, NYC

The whole Bronx needs a 'do-over'.

I can't believe they haven't profiled Pelham Parkway and the Bronx Park East area in the past few years. It's probably one of the best kept real estate secrets in the city.

— Keith, Bronx

BoogieDowner couldn't agree with Karen and Keith more... There are so many great neighborhoods in the BoogieDown that just get passed over by the NYC media. We're actually still pissed about the Times' "End of the Line" piece which painted Norwood in a negative light. But I think we'll just have to get over that...


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