Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We've Been Schooled

As you may recall, BoogieDowner recently did a post kvetching about the New York Times' new real estate search function.

Among our many complaints about the new system was the fact that they use some pretty obscure Bronx neighborhood names, some of which we've never heard of before.

For example, Versailles Park.

Thanks to an astute BoogieDowner reader, we now have our explanation for that particular neighborhood name:

"Versailles Park is the name of the neighborhood that existed before the Parkchester developments were created by Met Life and included the area heading towards West Farms (the numbered streets that give the 6 subway stop its name: Parkchester & 177th street)."

Inneresting, eh? Now we're just waiting for some explanations as to where the hell the names Woodstock, North New York, Fordham Manor, Jeromes [sic] Park , and Foxhurst come from... any more smarty-pant tipsters out there who can help us out?


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