Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Whitestone Bridge Getting Spiffed Up

According to GlobeSt.com's Paul Bubny, the MTA has awarded a whopping $192.8 million dollar contract to fix up the Whitestone Bridge (which connects the BoogieDown to Queens) to Conti of New York, LLC. The project is set to begin by the end of the year and will be completed in three stages over four years (which we know really means closer to a decade).

Dang... and we thought the approach to the Whitestone was congested now. It's going to be a hot mess come Christmas-time.

But the end result will be worth it. The center median will be removed and the lanes will be extended so they are not scary-narrow anymore. And the foundation of the Bronx approach will be replaced as well. BoogieDowner is willing to wait in some traffic if it means the bridge will not collapse under our car in the near future.

With the sale of the beloved Capri Whitestone Brothel, er, Motel and the heavily anticipated Ferry Point golf course project coming up, this little stretch of currently sorta depressing real estate near the soon-to-be new and improved Whitestone Bridge is poised to pop.

Bravo MTA and Conti New York! Now just don't fuck it up.

*Photo courtesy of MTA*


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