Monday, December 1, 2008

Save Bronx Kill Waterway

BoogieDowner has decided to throw its support behind Friends of Brook Park and its struggle to keep Bronx Kill waterway navigable and usable. Please read the letter below and contribute if you can and proselytize if you cannot.


Hey Friends,

Since even before we stopped the ill advised corporate themed waterpark on Randall’s Island with your support, we have been advocating on behalf of this precious green space between Bronx, Manhattan and Queens.

We want to ensure that access from the South, South Bronx and East Harlem is appropriate and year round and that the Bronx Kill waterway is navigable.

Consolidated Edison has maintained electrical feeder cables that currently block the navigation of the Bronx Kill, which connects the East and Harlem Rivers where we bring youth and adults form the community and city-wide and opens up further to the Bronx River.

Now, under cover of the proposed South Bronx Greenway, which we have wholeheartedly supported, they are seeking to construct THREE MORE electrical feeder cables across the Bronx Kill. Meanwhile, they are going ahead in building a power plant on the north shore of the island, seemingly in violation of parkland alienation law.

We are confident that with public pressure, Consolidated Edison will do the right thing. But we are prepared to litigate, and are therefore asking you to make a tax deductible financial contribution to our advocacy efforts!

Friends of Brook Park(Free the Bronx Kill)PO Box 801Bronx, NY 10454
Or online at the bottom of the page at:

Here is a link to an informative NY Times article with a great photo:

Thank you again for your support. Your money will go along way. Your ideas and suggestions and forwarding this email is appreciated as well.

PO Box 801
The South Bronx, NY 10454

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