Friday, December 5, 2008

A Halt to the Hagiography?

David Gonzalez, our favorite City Room contributor, has written a must read piece about the recently deceased Bronx Padrino and Puerto Rican political boss, Ramon S. Velez.

This is a particularly timely article with the current lunacy of Bronx politics and the whole Espada debacle.

So before you want to canonize Mr. Velez, please read this article that shows the warts and underbelly of the Padrino's political career. Che never drove a Jag.

A big thanks again to David Gonzalez for continuing to cover the Bronx so well!

A Second Look at a Bronx Baron’s Methods [David Gonzalez, City Room]

On a lighter note, is it me or does Ramon kinda sorta look like Hugo Chavez?


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