Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Wise Man...

We wanted to highlight this comment just left by BoogieDowner reader "Eddie" on The Dirty "G" Word post from last week... Eddie, you are one heck of a wise man.

"Syd, you need a major grip on reality. As an educated white latino from Melrose, I am deeply offended by your statements. I live in what is known as the poorest of the districts of the United States and we here are experiencing billions of dollars in real estate and development which is NOT pushing out the poor but is currently successfully integrating the existing populations with the new comers purchasing the condos. You should come here to Melrose and see what gentrification is all about in the bronx. that's why we are more successful at it than the other boroughs for we're not alienating others who already live here but are welcoming them to join in." [Eddie, BoogieDowner reader]


1 comment:

Eddie from the Bronx said...

I'm....humbled...really...thanks :)