Sunday, June 14, 2009

Espada's Benz Spotted at Bronx Co-op - Will He Stay the Night?

So the missus and I were heading back from an in-law visit and were searching for parking when we saw Pedro Espada's Benz (and the Senator himself) outside of our building (the same building he claims is his primary residence). The license plate (DUB-1771) confirms it is his because it lines up with Marcia Kramer's piece a while back and with a previous BD sighting.

Mr. Espada was outside chatting on his cell phone. Unfortunately by the time we found parking 3 blocks away he was gone. I was kind of looking forward to letting him know my feelings. (To be honest the part of me that is a slave to Bronx parking was hoping he would skedaddle back to Mamaroneck so I could get a spot right in front of the building in which I live). May we add that he's a touch over the yellow line, in case we have any traffic cops as readers looking to give a ticket.

BoogieDowner will let you know if Mr. Espada spends the night at his "primary residence" here in Bedford Park.

I guess Mr. Espada is realizing he has to give the old college try at pretending to live here with all the investigations into his residency and whatnot.



Anonymous said...

He brought groceries in. Another breakfast interview? Expect the press to be invited in to see his stocked frig.

Savannah said...

After that bob and weave on NY1 the other night when asked to confirm where he lives this isn't surprising.

Anonymous said...

Let's support longtime community resident and #1 Obama supporter Haile Rivera in 2010

Vanessa said...

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