Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pedro Who? [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Just received a flurry of forwarded emails from Espada's office that seem to indicate he was indeed in negotiations with someone at 400 E. Fordham Road.

BoogieDowner inquiry: how high up the food chain is this Todd McGaughey guy? Can we get a follow up clarification from him?

Our friends over at Bronx News Network just broke a pretty serious piece of Pedro Espada's utter deceit. We at BoogieDowner have been continually pointing out the travesty that Senator Espada does not have a district office open in the district he represents (after 5 months in office and 7 months of knowing he would be in office and need a district office).

Now BNN has uncovered that Mr. Espada has been lying this whole time in reference to his ongoing negotiations at 400 E. Fordham Road. According to Alex Kratz over at Bronx News Network the fact that Mr. Espada is close to opening a district office there is just untrue.

"But that simply is not true, said the building's manager, Todd McGaughey. In fact, McGaughey said he'd never spoken to the man or even heard of Espada until seeing his name and face plastered all over recent newspapers. This is all despite the fact that Espada has been claiming he's been in negotiations with the building's property managers for months now."

The only good that can come of Espada's power grab is that he shines a very bright light on himself and all those nasty skeletons and current lies will be exposed.



Anonymous said...

Do you know who at the Bronx DA's office is investigating Espada's residency? Has the DA interviewed any neighbors? Can you look into this, so we can put a public spotlight on this to make sure they know people are watching?


Anonymous said...

Is there a way to get the voters of the NYS Senate 33rd District who are supposed to be represented by Pedro Espada to sign a petition requesting that the NYS Senate remove him from office since he is obviously not looking out for their best interest. I mean if enough People/Voters of the district ask for his removal wouldn't that send a clear message to the Senate, particularly Governor Paterson? He has deceived everyone, he has lied and schemed his way to a legislative position through false representation. The Republicans surely will not want him after this because they know him now to not be trusted, they now know if he gets offered what he wants he can be bought and he will sell out his party, his constituents, who knows how low this man will stoop to full fill his own interest. I thought New York State Government had left the days of Tammany Hall and Boss Tweed in the past...I guess not.

Jordan Moss said...

The DA typically doesn't comment on pending investigations. But one would hope they would be interviewing neighbors.