Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Anybody But Pedro" Is the Solution to the Mess in Albany

Liz Benjamin (I must admit that I am developing a new-found blog-crush on Liz for her Albany dirt) is reporting that the Democrats are willing to give up on the State Senate Presidency (and presumably technical control in general) as along as the President is ANYONE but Pedro Espada Jr.

It appears as if the Republicans can Petey as their pick as President, the Dems will negotiate.

The best quote from Liz's post is from Democrat State Senator Liz Krueger talking about the needs of the citizens of New York State.

"They do not need someone with only a passing acquaintance with honesty to be just one heartbeat away from the Governor's office."

This is borderline Ciceronian, Madam Kruger. Well said!


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FJF said...

Please. This guy wouldn't even nod to honesty if he ran into it in a bar.