Friday, June 12, 2009

He Said It, Not Us - But We Agree...

NY York Times' City Room has an interview with former mayor Ed Koch in which he touches upon the lunacy taking place in Albany right now:

“I have never seen anything as sickening as what’s taking place in Albany,” Mr. Koch said. “It shames every New Yorker.”

Mr. Koch trained his sights on Mr. Espada and Mr. Monserrate, noting that when they first began to flirt with the idea of backing Republicans several months ago, he called them “rats.”

“That was an understatement,” he said.

Then, referring to the legal problems that both Senators are now confronting, Mr. Koch added:

"The thought of Espada being the governor of the state of New York with all of the things that have been said about him — I assume that many of them are true in terms of pork that’s gone his way — and then to become the governor? I can’t even conjure it up, it’s so awful to think of."


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