Friday, June 26, 2009

NYBG Farmer's Market Expands

We swear that you'll never find another living human who loves meat
more than this Ledge Rock Farm representative...

Many of you who live in the hood probably already know about New York Botanical Garden's Wednesday Farmer's Market which arrives each summer. Well, this summer the Farmer's Market will also be set up on Saturdays in the Botanical Garden Metro North parking lot.

This is great news for people in the Bedford Park area. We're always looking for nice produce options that are within walking distance. Although the prices seem to have gone up from last year (our $10 that we usually set aside to spend on veggies at the market just didn't go nearly as far as it usually does), the food is fresher and more delicious than ever.

In addition to being around on Saturdays this year, the market has also expanded its food options somewhat. There are now ridiculously good muffins, cookies, and scones, as well as more bread options. There's also a meat vendor and even a cheese guy! The cheese was really expensive, but we splurged on some fresh mozzarella and were not disappointed.

As for the meat, it's offered direct from Ledge Rock Farm in Medusa, NY... it's all grass fed and antibiotic and hormone-free. Besides offering what was quite possibly the best london broil we've ever tasted, the Ledge Rock Farm tent is just a fun spot to visit. I swear the vendor actually loves meat more than life itself. He gives you a preparation sheet and tips for getting the most out of your cut.

And don't forget about New York Botanical Garden's food festival to kick off the 'Edible Garden' series this weekend! There will be food demonstrations and lots of interesting activities for foodies on both Saturday and Sunday.



Anonymous said...

Bought ribeyes and top sirloin from Ledge Farms. It was tough and tasteless. Had to throw out more than half a top sirloin. Horrible meat.

Anonymous said...

chances are that you didnt read that sheet he was handing out, followed that and mine was good

Anonymous said...

I buy from them every week and it's the best ever, delicious and fantastic prices. The gentleman pictured and his son are wonderful and, when I asked, explained to me the slaughter process. Extremely humane process, so that the cow doesn't suspect, and then quick and painless. I buy my beef only from them b/c of this.